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Warehouse Management

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Musale Logistics Pvt Ltd has been providing Warehousing services since 1988 and
successfully operates a total warehousing area of over 3 lac sq. ft with a central height of 32 feet that easily meets the storage requirements of our varied and increasing clients.

Our technically qualified and experienced staff ensure in improving the quality of our services and follows pre-defined Standard Operating Procedure while operating our hygienic warehouse and supervises the proper storage of goods. The total dedication and commitment of our staff and our work culture of complete integrity empower the company to deliver unparalleled services to our customers. We specialize in providing suitable warehousing structures at convenient locations as per customer's exact requirements.

Key Features

Features of Warehouse Management

Musale Logistics Pvt Ltd offers fully customer-centric services and aims for complete dispatch in the following day to minimize any delays that may be experienced by our customers.

Provided Services

What We Offer in Warehouse Management

Warehouse Operations

Efficient way of functioning through your needs

Being in a logistics industry it is our primary objective to handle our customers' needs and requirements effectively while optimizing the usage of our space, tools and manpower. Also, to make sure the goods are easily accessible and well-secured . To fulfill these objectives we need to constantly plan and change.

Our Warehousing operations team not only protect your goods but are also well trained with fire extinguishing and many other techniques for the complete safety of your goods.Our overqualified staff processes your goods through stages as follows - Recieving the goods,carefully and properly storing the goods and lastly packing and dispatching of your goods . We also maintain the records of receipt and dispatch of your goods for your future references and reliability.

Material Handling

Careful and smooth handling of your goods

The right material handling equipment can increase productivity and improve safety for our team. We make sure the equipment is suitable for the loads you expect and include a margin of safety in our calculations. It’s also important that aisles are wide enough for fork trucks to maneuver safely and that they are equipped with working lights and a horn.

We take due care while manual handling of material at the time of loading and unloading. A crew of well-trained labor using safety kits do their work smoothly. We are specialized to handle a monthly end workload with our exceptionally expert and experienced team. The safety of the material is our 1st motive.

Value Added Service

Get work done with complete ease and comfort

Apart from all the logistics-based services and features we offer, we have included Value Added Services to our list for the secure transportation and storage of packages. Value-Added services come in handy for fast and secure transportation because we do not have to recruit an extra worker for the supervision of cargo and with value-added services, we can provide safety to customers’ packages from any damage which might occur during the journey.

Musale Logistics Pvt Ltd has introduced many additional services over the years to cater to the requirements of our customers which will allow them to get all their work done in one place with complete ease and comfort.

Our Value Added Services :

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