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Cargo Transportation has been the prime service offered by Musale Logistics since the inception of our company and we provide smooth and safe transportation of cargo within the scheduled time. Our services are always based on the principle of
quality of transportation for a better customer experience rather than the quantity of cargo delivered in a hurry.

Musale Logistics Pvt Ltd gives priority to the safety of crew members and the
customer's cargo. To ensure their security, we give Safety, Fire Fighting, and First aid Training to our staff and fully gear them with safety compliances to follow standardized rules and regulations every time.

Key Features

Features of Cargo

Musale Logistics Pvt Ltd offers fully customer-centric services and aims for complete dispatch in the following day to minimize any delays that may be experienced by our customers.

Provided Services

What We Offer in Cargo

Full Truck Load (Pan India)

Best in class truck transportation of goods.

Musale Logistics Pvt. Ltd. provides a completely exclusive logistics solution for your needs. A Full Truckload will give you the benefits to occupy and dedicate an entire truck for your shipment.The customers who acquire large sizes or quantities of cargo and need a speedy and secure shipment are most suited for Full Truck Loads.

Our Full Truck Load services are perfectly designed for personal and customized shipments surpassing the cargo restrictions. With a dedicated truck for your shipment, you get the advantage of getting the shipments done earlier with no loading and unloading of other cargoes eliminating the risks of displacements.

Container (EXIM)

Large and skillful container management system.

We pre-plan the network of your transportation site to follow the most efficient routes and cost-effective practices. We invite all the needs of our clients and provide the best-consolidated transportation solutions and techniques and assure safe and secure delivery of your container with our value-added services.

Our expertise in managing and transporting containers for decades makes us exceptional in the field of cargo transportation and management with the presence of warehousing solutions at convenient locations to dispatch cargoes to continue the optimized routes. We aim to be fully reliable with the tracking systems and our services to exceed the mark of customer satisfaction.

Cargo (Fixed Contract Vehicle)

High standard cargo shipping vehicle availability.

Our Logistics team controls a fleet of cargo shipping vehicles that can be made available according to the cargo shipping pre-requisites of our customers. We can provide a variety of vehicles depending on the truckloads and some special shipments like the shipments of hazardous materials.

With our efficient logistics solutions and fixed contracts, you can completely focus on the expansion of your business while we focus on the expansion of the network of your business. We coordinate and implement tailor-made solutions for your varied logistics problems.

Milk Run Services
(Part Load Transport Bookings)

Sequential collection and transportation of goods to multiple sources.

Our Milk Run Services is the most complex and time-consuming of all, lined with several intervals. It involves the collection of loads at multiple stops, handling the goods at warehouses according to the type of goods, and distributing the packages to the final customers present at distinct destinations.

The most integral part of handling a milk run service is to set up the routes before heading out. The milk run services provided by us are always prepared with a strategic route to get the collection and transportation of goods done within the nick of time to deliver the best customer experience.

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